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The My Will Online Story

Welcome to my first blog article. I certainly hope you will find my topics informative on the subject of “Last Wills and Testaments” I’d like to begin by telling you a bit about myself, and why I created the service known as MyWillOnline. I was trained as a financial planner...

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The phone call

On the evening of 19 June 2012, I was sitting at my dining room table, a long ten seater at around 9h30pm doing my final preparations for an industry related exam which was to take place the following day, when my phone rang. It was my brother. Despite anticipating a...

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Develop a plan, quickly!

As I said in my previous article, when death occurs we need to develop a plan and do so quickly. Thank heavens I have developed the ability to place my tasks in compartments. Not because I am smart, but this way I am amble to manage tasks without becoming overwhelmed...

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Don't "piss her off"!

Have you ever had someone change the game on you? I mean, like change the rules while you're in the middle of a game, you’re leading and someone changes the rules? Doesn’t that just freak you out? Well, this is what I imagine Charmaine must have felt like. The rules...

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Where is the Will?

Approximately eighteen months after Charmaines passing, I was in the process of finalising the sale of my parents’ home which they had owned since the mid seventies and called my dad to obtain the Title Deed which I had to forward to the transfering attorneys. Since he was out of...

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