A Diva, if you Will?

Did you know that many famous personalities, politicians and celebrities have died without drafting a Will? A few names which come to mind is Jimmy Hendricks, Prince, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Dr Martin Luther King. Regrettably, another name has been added to this unfortunate list in recent weeks.

Just two weeks ago, I learnt of the passing of the Queen of Soul, Ms Aretha Franklin. As I am writing this article on a Saturday night, just before midnight on the 1st of Septmebr 2018. I am listening to the funeral service of the Late Queen of Soul on Youtube, which took place just yesterday. With my headphones firmly secured in my ears, I suspect its going to another late night just as it has been in recent weeks, but I don’t care too much about that.

I am in church right now, the choir’s voices raise my spirit while the piano guides the acompliment. I write as my feet stomp the tiled floor on a cool spring night, and it feels good as the melodies permeate through my spirit. Yes I tell you! I’m in church right now and the spirit is moving through my being. Screams of “Hallelujah” resound loudly in my head, while tears flow from my eyes in this quiet place. And it feels so good. Lets have some church up in here tonight! Just as the song by Kirk Franklyn “Stomp” says. And I’m so happy to be here tonight. It feels good to take a moment to remember a special soul, a Diva, The Queen of Soul. Smart, quick witted, her words in song filled with wisdom and the experience of life, with a voice which could not to be mistaken.

Remember the destictive sound which used to bless us while growing up? That amazing tone that got us tapping our feet without realising we did. It was the sound of the sweet soul singer, sharing some new soulful melody yet again.

This is a good place to be right now, and I want to stay here in this moment and I was hoping you would join me.

I have always been a huge fan of soul music. All the many great musical artists whose sound we heard on the radio, too many to recall ofcourse. But then there was Aretha Franklin. What a distinctive, powerful, soulful voice. One would recognice her tone from a thousond records. From the first note of anyone of her hits one would immediately recognise her voice. Remember....

“I say a little payer for you”


“Freeway of love”

“Natural woman”

“Till you come back to me”

“Don’t play that song you lied”

“Won’t be long”

“Bridge over troubled waters”

You’all gotta stay with me for a minute. This was a time when music was about quality, and not about quantity! Just as Bobby Womack said, and I bet Sam Cook too. Back in the day, there was no way to release a record unless a music producer believed you were worth being listened to on the radio. Perhaps this is the reason why the by-gone era’s music is so timeless. These days, things have changed. Perhaps this is the reason why we nolonger rush off to buy the latest record, not even online. I’m just saying, try turning on your radio and see what happens.

For some reason, Aretha always reminded me of my mother. My Mom was a fine singer, a beautiful women and still is as stubborn as a muel. But more about my Mom later. Perhaps if you watched the next video, you you get a good sense of my Mom.

But aahhhhh I tell you, Ms Aretha Franklyn, she was the true Queen.

My favorite was a song called Jimmy Lee.

Go ahead, indulge yourself! Spend a bit of time with me, why don’t you? You’re gonna love this track!

The Lyrics says something like,


Jimmy Lee, this one's for me
And I'll always remember
History, biology
And that magical December 

Oh, boy
Jimmy Lee, where can you be
If this song ever finds you
Won't you please explain to me
Why you left me behind you, yeah

Oh, yeah 

Just last week I was listening to radio on my way home from work and learnt the Queen of Soul had died without a Will.

I was deeply saddened and dare i say, somewhat frustrated by the news. I am even more determined to share the good news. There is a solution, we can put our affairs in order with relative ease.

This realization has made me more determined to work harder, smarter with a much greater vigour and urgency. And I would like ask for your help. Lets share the message, I mean do it now!

Why not tell your mom, your dad, your brother or sister. Your aunt and uncle nephew and niece. Tag a colleague or tweet a friend on twitter, post a pic on Instagram or share with a friend on Facebook. Why not do it now!

Tomorrow is yet another day gone by, and another dear one would have left us for the other side.

Together, we can be the difference. Will you join me too, I believe you will. Lets do this together.

In loving memory of the Queen of Soul, Ms Aretha Franklyn.

Thank you for the music!