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At mywillonline we have one thing in mind. Our clients. We focus everything we do on supplying you with quality products and a professional service at and affordable price.

In the past many people were unable to access basic services nor access to financial services and technology. We want to change all this by offering you a product which is independent, flexible, easy and accessible. mywillonline is as flexible and mobile as you are or need to be. At a price you can afford. It is as simple as that. 

My Will Online... Your Will, Your Way!

Many people think that only those who have vast amounts of money and assets need a Will. Not so. Preparing a last Will & Testament is about the expression of your wishes, desires and intentions while you are alive, for the benefit of those you leave behind.

Ecom Investment Holdings (Pty) limited is the sole proprietor of mywillonline a registered financial services provider FSP 25682.

About Our Product

mywillonline provides ordinary South Africans with a simple yet powerful online system which guides users through the process of creating their Last Will and Testament, quickly and easily. It ensures documents are always accessible.


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   Phone:   0872300109  

   Fax:        086 532 2599

   E-mail:    info@mywillonline.co.za

   Address: Suite 102 G, Building 20
                    The Waverley Business Park 
                    5 Wyecroft Road Mowbray
                    Cape Town, South Africa

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What our clients say

Thank you so much

Thanks so much for helping me with the drafting of my Last Will and testament.

Wilfred November

Thanks for the help MWO

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and the Will’s team for such efficient service with completing my will.  I will definitely recommend and have given your details for referrals to friends and family as I would like them to firstly have wills and then also have such exemplary experience with your user friendly technology. One of the most beneficial benefits is that I can change details free of charge before my annual fee which is minimal & affordable.

Mandy Gibbons

Very friendly

The lady that help me was very friendly, she explained to me what a Will is all about and how the website is working. My experience was very good. And the website is great because you can access your Will anytime you want.

Edwin Phillips

10 out of 10

I, Ben van Wyk, is very, very happy to be a client of My Will Online. I would also recommend my friends to join My Will Online because of the following reasons:

  1. Peace of mind that my will is safe and updated. 10/10

  2. Staff efficiency and interact with me 10/10

  3. Hos the staff of My Will Online take their time to explain legal terms of the will to me. 10/10

  4. Confidentiality of my will. Thanks to Carmilita and the lady at reception. 10/10

  5. The friendliness of the staff. 10/10

Ben van Wyk


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Yes, you may select from our list of preferred executors provided in Step 1 (My personal details). Select one of our preferred executors from the drop-down list.

mywillonline has pre-selected executors across South Africa to fulfil this function for you. Additional executors will be added over time. You may also select us to perform this function for you.

The winding-up of an estate may only be performed by an appointed executor. This appointment can either be done by the author of a Will or a executor appointed by the Master of the High Court. An executor would typically be either a company; eg. a firm of attorneys or your accountant; or a natural person you elect to fulfil the function of winding up your estate after your passing. Similarly, an assistant executor is a natural person; eg. your spouse or a close relative or friend; who together with your executor will perform the function of winding up your estate in accordance with your wishes as you intended. mywillonline makes provision for an assistant to your executor since this person essentially becomes our contact person and is most likely to best understand and appreciate your responsibilities, intentions and wishes.

A copy of your Will & Testament may only be made available to your nominated executor and/or assistant executor for the purpose of winding up your affairs.